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VORON1.8 - Printed Functional Parts Kit

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Retail Price:$500.00
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Part Number: VORON1.8
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Includes parts for the following:
  • Full Gantry System
  • Full Z Drive
  • 1x Z Endstop Mount
  • 1x Full Hotend Mount (with fan brackets, etc)
  • 1x Set of Controller Brackets
  • 1x Set of Electronics Mounting Brackets (Pi, PSUs)
  • 1x AC Inlet Bracket
  • 1x Mobius or Afterburner Extruder
  • 1x Set of XY chain mounts (for Chinese cable chain)
  • 1x Microswitch XY Bracket
Does not include the following:
  • 80t pulleys (unless Mobius is selected, then the single printed one is included)
  • Zipchain parts
  • Skirts
  • Panel Clips
  • Belt Covers
  • Anything else not listed above in the included section

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