VORON2 - Driveshaft Kit

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This is a driveshaft kit for a VORON 2.2 Machine, it includes the following:
These are ground to size such that they are a slip fit into a 5mm ID bearing.
Includes 1x 5x50mm Shaft with Flat for a Mobius 3

These are custom made by a local vendor in Raleigh, NC as such, there is a lead time when I am having batches made.
  • 4x - 5x60mm Carbon Steel Shafts with Flats - Misumi Equivalent: NSFR5-60-FC5-G50
  • 3x - 5x50mm Carbon Steel Shafts with Flats - Misumi Equivalent: NSFR5-50-FC5-G45
  • 6x - 5x30mm Carbon Steel Shafts - Misumi Equivalent: NSFR5-30
  • 2x - 5x26mm Carbon Steel Shafts - Misumi Equivalent: NSFR5-26
  • 1x - 5x32mm Stainless Steel Shaft (For Z Microswitch Endstop) - Misumi Equivalent: SSFJ5-32

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