VORON2 and Mobius Extruder - Printed Functional Parts Kit

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  • ABS, 3D Printed Plastic
  • Printed using the standard VORON printing requirements.
Includes parts for the following:
  • Full Gantry System
  • Full Z Drive
  • 1x Z Endstop Mount
  • 1x Full Hotend Mount (with fan brackets, etc)
  • 1x Set of Controller Brackets
  • 1x Set of Electronics Mounting Brackets (Pi, PSU, RS-25-5)
  • 1x Filtered Mains Inlet
  • 1x Mobius Extruder
  • 1x Set of 350 XYZ chain links and brackets
  • Printed with high-quality, virgin-grade ABS Filament
  • Do you prefer a different color or size, which is not listed?
    • Please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you!
  • Ships double boxed to reduce chance of damage, Medium Flat Rate inside of a Large Flat Rate

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